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Xinjiang Petroleum Society Member¡¡¡¡                          Gratis
Xinjiang Petroleum Society Non-member/Individual ¡¡¡¡RMB35 per issue

Domestic Distributor: Karamay Post Office, China
Distribution Code in China: 58-46

Overseas Distributor: Purchasing Department, Newspaper Export Center, China International Book Trade Group Co., Ltd
Tel£º+86 10 6841 2045
Fax£º+86 10 6841 2023
Address: 35, Chegongzhuangxi Road, Haidian District, Beijing 100048, China
Overseas Distribution Code: BM 4426

FAN Xiaoling
Editorial Department of Xinjiang Petroleum Geology
32, Junggar Road, Karamay, Xinjiang, China 834000
E-mail: xjpg@petrochina.com.cn

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