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Instructions to Authors

Founded in 1980, Xinjiang Petroleum Geology (XPG) is sponsored by Xinjiang Petroleum Society, and jointly sponsored by Xinjiang Oilfield Company, Tarim Oilfield Company, Tuha Oilfield Company of PetroChina and Northwest Oilfield Company of Sinopec, with the co-sponsors of Qinghai Oilfield Company, Yumen Oilfield Company and Xibu Drilling Engineering Company of PetroChina. The editorial content is restricted to original papers on the following areas:
  • Oil and gas distribution, exploration methods and experience in the overthrust fault belts of foreland basin (piedmont depression)
  • Exploration of non-structural reservoirs
  • Experience and methods for deep-burial petroleum
  • Exploration and development of carbonate reservoirs
  • Geological research on igneous reservoirs
  • Effective technologies for ultra-heavy oil reservoir development
  • Exploration and development of coalbed methane
  • Studies on natural gas hydrate
  • EOR technologies
  • High-efficiency exploration and development technologies for extra-low permeability reservoirs
  • Integrated application of petroleum engineering and petroleum geology
  • Basic theories of petroleum geology.
Online Article Submission
Submissions to XPG are made using Samson Manuscript Center System, the online submission and peer review system. Registration and access is available at http://xjsydz.paperopen.com/Login.aspx?Role=author .
Papers submitted to the Journal should present previously unpublished data or interpretations; they should not be submitted elsewhere while under editorial consideration. Manuscripts should be clear and credible in argument, have a clear hierarchy, use concise headings and have an appropriate mix of text, figures and tables.
Copyright Transfer Agreement
Authors will be required to sign a Copyright Transfer Agreement (CTA) for all papers accepted for publication. Signature of the CTA is a condition of publication and papers will not be passed to the publisher unless a signed form has been received. To assist authors the form is here .
Text should be double-spaced and free of all corrections. Word format is preferred. Figures should be separate from the text; each figure should be presented on a separate A4 sheet.
  • Author¡¯s addresses and affiliations should be on the first page. Authors must provide all their names, dates of birth, gender, places of birth, technical titles, degrees, professional information and full work addresses to include telephone and email address information.
  • An Abstract in English and Chinese. The Chinese abstract should be about 300 - 400 words, with 4 ¨C 8 keywords and the entire MS should be paginated. The length of the text should generally not exceed the equivalent of about 12,000 words.
  • Please provide the name and serial number of the fund project if the research is supported by a research fund or the relevant government departments or social organizations.
  • All mathematical formulae should be numbered consecutively within parentheses at the end of the formula; formulae should be presented on separate lines; longer formulae should be broken at an operation symbol.
Illustrations and Tables  
The number of illustrations submitted should not exceed six. Authors should pay particular attention to the clarity and spelling of any lettering on the diagrams, and some reduction in size should be allowed for. All figures must be colour and of a resolution suitable for reproduction.
All illustrations should be clearly numbered with the figure number and caption clearly indicated on the bottom of the figure.
Accepted file formats include JPG or TIF. Vector files should be CDR format. Please conform to "Oil & Gas Geology Code drawings and schemas "(standard code: SY 5615-93).
Table numbers and names should be centred; table footnotes should be included at the bottom of the table, table symbols and units should be clearly designated. Authors are requested to express decimal fractions with full-stops, not commas. Tabulated ¡¯raw¡¯ data should be kept to a minimum.
Please indicate the original source of non-Chinese names appearing in map and table names.
Only those references cited in the text, tables and figures should be listed numerically in the bibliography. There should be a minimum of 10 references in each article. Chinese references must provide English translation.
Examples of style are:
KUANG Lichun, TANG Yong, LEI Dewen, et al. Exploration of fan controlled large area lithologic oil reservoirs of Triassic Baikouquan formation in slope zone of Mahu depression in Junggar basin. China Petroleum Exploration, 2014, 19(6): 14-23.
WANG Shejiao, GUO Qiulin, WU Xiaozhi, et al. Evaluation technology and application of tight oil resources. Beijing: Petroleum Industry Press, 2014: 10-12.
Collected articles, proceedings, etc.
BABU B V, NAGAR A K, DEEP K, et al. Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Soft Computing for Problem Solving, December 28-30, 2012[C]. New Delhi: Springer, 2014
Unpublished articles: should not be included in the references, but may appear as a page footer.
Terminology, quantities, units of measurement and symbols should shall all adopt the Chinese national standard and should be consistently used throughout the manuscript. According to industry usage, the following abbreviations are used in the Journal:
  • MM: million (106)
  • b/d: barrels per day
  • B: billion (109)
  • brls/a: barrels per annum (year)
  • T: trillion (1012) cu.ft
  • (cu. m) /d: cubic feet (cubic metres) per day
Competing Interests
Authors must declare any competing interests by completing our standard form. To assist authors the form is here . Conflict of interests/competing interests can be defined as factors which could influence the judgment of an author, reviewer or editors, and may be personal, commercial, political, academic, or financial in nature. Put simply, they are interests which, if revealed later, would make a reasonable reader feel misled or deceived.
Ethics in publishing
Please see our information pages on our Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statements .