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Xinjiang Petroleum Geology (XPG) is owned and published by the Xinjiang Petroleum Society as a China focused open-access journal devoted to topics of oil and gas geology in Xinjiang and other parts of China. Founded in December 1979, Xinjiang Petroleum Society is a member of the Association of Science Technology of Xinjiang Autonomous Region and Chinese Petroleum Society which comprises 22 member companies, including Xinjiang Oilfield Company, Tarim Oilfield Company, Engineering Co., Ltd., Turpan-Hami Oilfield Company, Sinopec Northwest Branch, Urumqi Petrochemical Company, Dushanzi Petrochemical Company, Karamay Petrochemical Company, Sinopec Tahe Branch, Eastern Geophysical Company Western New District Frontline Command and CNPC West Pipeline Limited. In addition to XPG, Xinjiang Petroleum Society also publishes two quarterly journals Xinjiang Petroleum Science and Technology and Xinjiang Petrochemical.

XPG is published by Editorial Department of Xinjiang Petroleum Geology.