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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
1. What are the aims and scope of Xinjiang Petroleum Geology (XPG)?
  Xinjiang Petroleum Geology (XPG) is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal focusing on the topics of oil and gas geology in Xinjiang and other parts of China. XPG reports geological research results and the petroleum geology of Central Asia to continuously enrich Chinese petroleum geology theoretical knowledge; promoting advanced oil and gas exploration techniques and the development of theory and technologies to serve China¨s oil and gas exploration and development industry. The journal provides a platform for national energy cooperation between China and Central Asian regions.
  The journal publishes the research results of exploration and development of oil and gas-bearing basins in China and internationally, with a particular focus on research from Chinese oil and gas geology and engineering geology institutes and universities.
  XPG welcomes the submission of regular research and review articles.
2. What is open access?
  XPG is an open access journal. This means that all articles published in XPG are freely and universally available online.
3. In which databases is XPG currently indexed?
  XPG is currently indexed in the Chemical Abstracts, Abstract Journal, Japan Science & Technology Agency Database, China National Knowledge Infrastructure, Chinese Science Citation Database, A Guide of the Core Journal of China, Chinese Core Journal of Science and Technology, Chinese Sci-Tech Periodicals for Statistics, Wanfang Data and VIP Information databases and is in the process of applying for inclusion in a number of other International Indexing databases
4. How should I submit articles to XPG?
  Submissions to XPG are made using Samson Manuscript Center System, the online submission and peer review system. Registration and access is available at http://xjsydz.paperopen.com/Login.aspx?Role=author.
5. Do I need to pay a publication fee and will I receive remuneration for publishing papers in XPG?
  We do not offer remuneration for publishing papers in XPG. A publication fee of 100 RMB is payable upon article acceptance.
  Submit your article today at http://xjsydz.paperopen.com/Login.aspx?Role=author.

6. Is there a printed version of XPG?
   Print subscriptions for XPG are available. For more information please see Print Subscription information.
7. Where can I access the online version of XPG?
  XPG is published online at http://xjsydz.paperopen.com/en/oa/dlistnum.aspx. If you would like a hard copy of an article, you can download the PDF version of the article and print it.